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order: Myliobatiformes 

Family: Aetobatidae (pelagic eagle rays)

Species: 1


Aetobatus ocellatus (Kuhl, 1823)

IUCN Status


Maximum size:            
Maturity size:             

Birth size:                      
Litter size:                    
Reproductive mode:     

300 cm DW (880 cm TL)

Females at 150–160 cm DW,

Males at 100–130 cm DW
Variable, 18–50 cm DW
Up to 10 pups, usually 1–4
Viviparous, with histotrophy


  • Pectoral fins joining head above level of eyes

  • Sting(s) present on tail (removed in individual pictured)

  • Dorsal fin raked back, its origin behind pelvic-fin insertions

  • Spiracles dorsolateral on head (openings visible in dorsal view)

  • Edge of nasal curtain deeply notched and V-shaped

  • Upper surface dark brown, blackish or greenish black, usuallywith many whitish spots (sometimes sparse)

Sharks and rays of

papua new guinea

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