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order: Myliobatiformes 

Family: Gymnuridae (butterfly rays)

Species: 1


Gymnura australis (Ramsay & Ogilby, 1886)

Gymnura australis.png

IUCN Status

IUCN Least Concern


Maximum size:            
Maturity size:             

Birth size:                      
Litter size:                    
Reproductive mode:     

94 cm DW

Females at 44–46 cm DW

Males at 35–42 cm DW
22–25 cm DW
1–6 pups

Viviparous, with lipid histotrophy


  • Disc very broad, about 1.5 times wider than long

  • Tail short and filamentous

  • Small dorsal fin and caudal sting present or absent on tail

  • A small tentacular skin flap present on inner rear margin of each spiracle

  • Snout short

  • Skin smooth, without denticles or thorns

Sharks and rays of

papua new guinea

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