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order: hexanchiformes

Family: Hexanchidae (cowsharks)

Species: 1


Hexanchus griseus (Bonnaterre, 1788)

Hexanchus griseus

IUCN Status

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Maximum size:            
Maturity size:             

Birth size:                      
Litter size:                    
Reproductive mode:     

At least 482 cm TL, possibly to 550 cm TL

Females at 350–420 cm TL

Males at 309–330 cm TL

61–74 cm TL

47–108 pups

Viviparous, with yolk-sac dependency


  • 6 gill slits on each side of head

  • A single dorsal fin located behind level of pelvic fins

  • Eyes small, fluorescent green when fresh

  • Snout broadly rounded (viewed from underneath)

  • Anal fin present

  • Caudal peduncle short

  • Lower jaw with 6 rows of large, comb-like teeth

Sharks and rays of

papua new guinea

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