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order: Myliobatiformes 

Family: Hexatrygonidae (sixgill stingrays)

Species: 1


Hexatrygon bickelli (Heemstra & Smith, 1980)

Hexatrygon bickelli

IUCN Status

IUCN Least Concern


Maximum size:            
Maturity size:             

Birth size:                      
Litter size:                    
Reproductive mode:     

170 cm TL

Females at ~113 cm TL

Males at ~110 cm TL
~45–48 cm TL
2–3 pups

Viviparous, histotrophic


  • Disc soft, heart-shaped and very flabby

  • Snout long, triangular and gelatinous

  • 6 pairs of small gill slits on ventral head

  • Tail short with one or two stings and a well-developed caudal fin

  • Eyes small and widely separated

  • Spiracles large and obliquely oriented

Sharks and rays of

papua new guinea

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